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Student SciComm fellowship

As part of the British Council Going Global Partnership Grant, Science Media Centre of IISER Pune is working closely with UWE Bristol, Nature India and SJAI to co-develop a cutting-edge science communication course. During this course development year, we are also supporting four projects involving 8 student fellows. The fellowship is semester long (Aug 2023 to Nov 2023).  During these four months, each project will be mentored by a science journalist from SJAI network and scientists from IISER Pune.

Meet the fellows and mentors

All fellows are students pursuing BSMS at IISER Pune. These fellowships will be supervised by Dr Shalini Sharma (Head- SMC, IISER Pune) and Sahana Ghosh (Associate Editor, Nature India). 


Aditya Shukla

Game Application


Yashraj Kumar Singh


Aditya and Yashraj will work to develop interactive webpages for the G N Ramachandran digital museum with high-quality animations/illustrations and game engine elements.

Rafeeque 1.jpg

They will be mentored by Rafeeque Mavoor  

(Science Communication with animations and illustrations).

Ritvee 2.jpg

Ritvee Talele



Prarabdh Shivhare


Ritvee and Prarabdh will work to develop a multimedia project -- a vodcast incorporating high quality illustrations on Zebrafish.


They will be mentored by Virat Markandeya (Vice President- SJAI, journalism focusing on science, technology and ecosystems)


Devika Kizhakoot 


Omkar 2.jpg

Omkar Golatkar

Animation & Video Editing

Devika and Omkar will be developing video-based training material on digital illustrations or Making videos (with 2D and 3D illustrations) based on the latest research from IISER Pune (preferably from Physics and Chemistry).

Kartik Chandramouli 1.jpg

They will be mentored by Karthik Chandramouli (Multimedia journalist and digital content editor at Mongabay-India).

Vidisha Prashant Hate.JPG

Vidisha Hate 

Subject familiarity & Research

Harsh Rathod 2_edited.jpg

Harsh Rathod

Illustrations & 


Vidisha and Harsh will be working on a short film or vodcast on human-animal conflict in IISER campus.


They will be mentored by Ipsa Jain

(With a PhD in Biological sciences, Ipsa's expertise lies in science communication and illustrations). 

©2023 IISER Pune with UWE Bristol and Nature India

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