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We're exploring what science communication is
We're exploring what challenges face science journalism. We're 
exploring what we can learn from ea
ch other. We're exploring with experts and insiders, and across continents. We're exploring how best to prepare our students to shape a changing future;

how to play a critical role in informing society about developments in science.


A new initiative to develop and internationalize science journalism education.

This is a collaborative project between the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, Nature India, Science Journalists Association of India and Association of British Science Writers.


It is bringing together academia and industry to build science communication curricula that meet industry needs. 


We at IISER Pune are developing a cutting-edge, inclusive science communication course — a niche area with huge training gaps — for students and professionals alike. We are incorporating insights from experienced science journalists and academicians through workshops, roundtables, and online surveys.

This project is also enabling the team at the Science Communication Unit, UWE, to strengthen the links and industry relevance of our teaching and training. This includes ensuring that our MSc Science Communication continues to develop in line with the needs of the science communication industry and to ensure that our programme offers a truly international curricula.


Read here about our collaborators


Concurrent Dialogues

The essence of collaboration is also to bring in the contextual landscape to understand the field for a science communicator.

Thus while the institutes collaborate on methodology, findings and paths forward, they also host concurrent dialogues within their own countries inviting voices and perspectives of professionals, practitioners and guilds into roundtables and workshops for a more robust understanding of the what, why, how and what else, while also informing each other.


Explore these dialogues here!​​​


Part of the project has also involved experiments in different mediums and scopes- A cohort of 8 student fellows from IISER Pune in India has been developing their projects under 4 professional science communicators.

The projects experiment with a  gamut of mixed mix media and forms of communication from a digital museum, a podcast, animations and illustrations, to a fillm!


Explore these experiments here!​​​

Are you exploring as well?

We're looking for more explorations to help us inform the course. So, if you're interested in science communication, are from the field or have an exploration that can help us build something more grounded - leave your question & contact here.

We're bringing in formal and informal questions and your queries can help us bring in a voice or a thought we might have missed.


Thanks for adding your voice to the project!

©2023 IISER Pune with UWE Bristol and Nature India

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