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Science communication in India: Working together as a community

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From the very day, Science took shape; it is its communication to the general public that has made it easier to deepen its roots in society. Science popularization or science communication is a way to get research and discoveries out of the laboratory and into the community. Science communication is a medium of imparting scientific knowledge and sharing science breakthroughs. It is a form of creating science awareness and excitement in the society as well as a form of appreciation for the people who do science. 

Earlier, this was done through oral communication or voice announcements. Nevertheless, today, with the ever-increasing technology and creative minds, various methods of science communication have helped establish science in curiosity-driven minds. May it be storytelling through public lectures or a film depicting scioticons or a theatre group performing on the wonders of science and technology or an interesting read; popularizing science nowadays is becoming an art trend. With several government initiatives of thriving science through science communication; research organizations, self-motivated groups, and SciComm start-ups are making attempts to encourage science through public outreach activities.

India is rapidly progressing towards scientific development. In the past few years, India has set up a benchmark in many scientific domains. Hence, there is a need to convey research to the non-scientific community as well as to scientists from other disciplines. To communicate science effectively, IISER Pune has established the Science Media Centre (SMC) in 2012. Today, the Science Media Centre is actively involved in science communication and science popularization activities. Science communication is a perfect blend of science with creative art. So, with its expertise, the SMC creates high definition educational videos, documentaries, records interviews with scientists and many more. Apart from the science popularization activities, the Science Media Centre also trains individuals in science writing, video production, science theatre and other methods of science communication by conducting workshops.

The Science Media Centre, also to its fullest, supports everyone who is working towards promoting science. Here we have listed a few people and organizations who are actively involved in science popularization in India. The SMC strongly believes that working together as a community will help not only in popularizing science but also putting Indian Science in the forefront of the world.

Kids in Technology Class

The SciComm Community: Links for a few science communication websites of India

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Fellowships/Scholarships/Awards in science communication

If you are interested in science communication and science popularization, please write to us.

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