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G N Ramachandran is one of the greatest scientists India has ever produced. The Ramachandran Map is very well-known and used by biologists worldwide to this day. However, his exciting journey to the creation of the map, and his impact on Indian Science is perhaps less known. 

This award-winning documentary describes the life, scientific contributions, and legacy of G N Ramachandran. On the occasion of National Science Day, we celebrate him with the premiere of this documentary.

The Trials and Triumphs of
G N Ramachandran: Online Premiere

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IISER Pune has established the Science Media Centre to foster and strengthen science communication. We produce high-quality media to communicate science through popular science films, research highlights, and documentaries. 

The Science Media Centre conducts workshops to train personnel in print and electronic media to encourage science communication. We also archive science-related events and activities of the institute.

SciTalk@SMC; S02 E03 feat. Dr. Anand Krishnan

The Architecture of Deccan Sultanate

Generating electricity from walking: IISER Pune

The Man Ahead Of Time: Sir Fred Hoyle

Defending Cells Under Stress - The Kamat Lab @ IISER Pune

Light Meets Atoms: Theoretical atom optics

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